General Dental

Dental check-up and clean

You’ve heard it before – it’s wiser to prevent than to treat. We encourage patients to book a check-up and clean every six months to maintain a healthy, beautiful smile. We also keep in mind any specific concerns, fears, time or budget constraints to create an ongoing care program that works for you.

Our comprehensive dental check-ups include:

– Full dental examination
Scale and polish
– Screening for oral cancer and mouth disease


Chipped teeth and cavities are fairly common, but when left unaddressed, they can lead to serious discomfort down the line. Tooth fillings are a great way to swiftly restore and rehabilitate damaged teeth and prevent further decay. This procedure involves removing decay and filling the cavity with a colour-matched composite or porcelain material. It’s quick, painless and gives a natural finish.


Dental crowns are the optimal solution for rebuilding and reinforcing teeth affected by significant decay or damage. Made from porcelain, dental crowns provide both cosmetic enhancement and functional restoration. In one quick, pain-free visit, we’ll use advanced CEREC crown and bridge technology to craft and fit your custom dental crown on the spot.


Bridges are an effective solution for instances where multiple teeth are affected by decay or damage, or are simply missing. Supported by the adjacent teeth, bridges are custom-made to restore and enhance your natural smile.